Executive Board of Directors

Kim Butler – Board President

Kim lives just outside Atlanta, GA with her husband and young son. She grew up riding OTTBs in the hunter/jumper ring, reject polo ponies in mounted games & gymkhana, and was actively involved in the US Pony Club, graduating as a Level C-3 and then volunteering her time as a Horse Management Judge. In 2012, Kim began participating in competitive trail riding with her young Drum horse gelding, Tadpole, and spent three years as a successful Ride Host for the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA), coordinating and hosting some of the largest competitive trail rides in the Southeast. The pair also participate in a variety of other disciplines, including pleasure driving, obstacle challenges, and of course – mounted archery!

Kim founded Georgia Horse Archers, Inc. in 2016 for local horse archers to meet up, practice, and host competitions and events. Kim was a member of the Atlanta Walk to Defeat ALS Event Planning Committee in 2014, and currently serves on the board for the Horseback Field Archery Association (HFAA) and the Georgia Draft Horse Association (GDHA).


Hilary Hargreaves – Board Vice President

Hilary is a second generation horsewoman and was first introduced to organized equestrian sports through Dressage and Combined-Training, as her mother was a Horse Show organizer. Hilary became involved in the sport of Carriage Driving at a young age and went on to successfully compete in Combined Driving, for over 25 years. With a strong background in Dressage and Combined-Training, Hilary has trained horses and ponies for riding and driving, and has instructed numerous students in the sport.  In 2005, Hilary joined the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and became proficient in medieval mounted martial games including jousting. It was here that she was introduced to traditional archery. In 2007, she began participating in horseback archery, having discovered the marriage of her two favorite pastimes: archery and horses! In 2009, Hilary and her daughter Eryn, were invited to participate in a four-day Horse Archery Demonstration with Lucas Novotny at the Florida Horse Park. The mother/daughter pair has been hooked since that experience!

Hilary is the founder and CEO of the Florida Horse Archers, Inc. and either is or has been a member of numerous equestrian organizations, including: the United States Dressage Federation (USDF), American Horse Show Association (AHSA), United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), American Driving Association (ADS), South East Florida Dressage & Combined-Training, and the American Paint Horse Association (APHA).


Michelle Mikes – Board Secretary

Michelle had been riding horses and competing in AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) and PHBA (Palomino Horse Breeders Association) for almost 30 years before becoming involved with horse archery.  She was “looking for a new hobby to get involved in” with her horses and after seeing a mounted archery demonstration in 2015, Michelle knew she found her adventure and began horse archery training with her new Paint gelding, Lil Joe.

Aside from serving as Board Secretary for HAUSA, Michelle also serves as the President of Georgia Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, the Secretary of the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics, as well as the Secretary/Treasurer for her district’s Relay for Life Team.


Jamie Landis – Board Treasurer

Jamie lives in Pennsylvania with her family (her daughter Jada also participates in horseback archery!) and runs a successful dog boarding kennel. Aside from taking on the office of HAUSA Treasurer, Jamie currently serves as the Treasurer for Buxmont Riding Club in PA, serves on the Buxmont Horse Show Committee, is a member of Chelee Warriors, and is a leader for their local 4-H Horse Club, Bits and Pieces.


Elizabeth Tinnan – Southeast Regional Representative

Elizabeth is the co-founder and President of Chattahoochee Horse Archers in Northeast Georgia.


Teresa Rogers – Board Member

Teresa is a certified riding instructor with the Certified Horsemanship Association, a Level III Instructor with USA Archery, and the owner of Chain Reactions Archery.


Canyon Cappola – Affiliate Club Coordinator, Northwest Regional Representative

Canyon Cappola, while still relatively new to Horse Archery USA, has been working with and assisting local Mounted Archery Clubs with training and Ground Archery basics of horse archery since 2015.  Dedicated to making sure that every skill level of rider and shooter have a place to call home, Canyon founded Northwest Nomad Warriors, along with partner Kristen Andersen, in 2016, and together they are proud to have been the starting home for a good number of the Pacific Northwest region’s new mounted archers.

In addition to running the Nomad Warriors, Canyon is also the importer/distributor for Alibow Traditional Asian Archery for the Pacific Northwest, and Chief Goat-Wrangler for Night Heron Farm.  In his spare time, Canyon can most often be found shooting in the backyard, or in the pasture being taught by his horse, Excaliber.  (And yes, the misspelling is correct “Ex-Caliber!”)


Amy Sakovich – Board Member

Amy lives in Tampa Bay, Florida with her husband, four dogs, four cats, four horses, and four goats (no, that wasn’t planned).  When not caring for farm and family, Amy works part time pet sitting or writes fiction.  Amy finally got an opportunity to fulfill her lifelong interest in horses as an adult and, with a background in fitness, was quickly drawn toward the study of equine balance and bio-mechanics.  From a basis of balance and rehabilitation, Amy looks for almost any opportunity to have fun with her horses, having dabbled in dressage, trail, working equitation, driving, liberty and in hand, sidesaddle, and now archery (quickly becoming her favorite form).


Diana Olds – Northeast Regional Representative

Diana is the founder & CEO of Chelee Warriors Mounted Archery just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Todd Mathis – Founder, Past President

For me, horse archery is about partnering with the horse.  This is much the same as eventing, but it actually requires more, in my opinion.  I learned to ride as a teenager and mowed lawns for 3 years to save enough to buy a horse.  At that time, I learned to ride bareback because I couldn’t afford a saddle.  Later, when I discovered the joy of eventing, I sold that horse (which is how I met my wife) and bought a horse who could jump.  I also volunteered for the Army during the Vietnam era (yes, stupid is right) but while a combat arms officer, I had earned enough to upgrade my horse to an eventer who could put me into A-level competition.

At the age of 51, I was diagnosed with precancerous condition Myelodysplasia).  Then, at age 56,  I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.  That first year I spent 4 months in the hospital – this is when I learned to make bamboo arrows.  The next year, when early signs of a relapse were clear, I underwent a stem cell transplant, which killed the leukemic cells for good.  I spent another three months in the hospital that year, and when I finally went home, I made a promise to myself that I was going back to riding horses, and I would learn horse archery. Nip was that horse.  Horse Archery has become my therapy.  My determination to go to the barn at least 3 days per week kept me going.  There were months where all I could do was groom Nip, but horses offer us so much, don’t they?  I am currently working on my HA1 level, and I am learning how to make websites build SEO.  I founded Horse Archery USA because at the time, no one was attempting to build horse archery in the United States. My greatest achievement is that I am still married to my wife after 38 years, I have three ambitious children, and four grandchildren!