Hilary Hargreaves – Board President

Hilary is a second generation horsewoman and was first introduced to organized equestrian sports through Dressage and Combined-Training, as her mother was a Horse Show organizer. Hilary became involved in the sport of Carriage Driving at a young age and went on to successfully compete in Combined Driving, for over 25 years. With a strong background in Dressage and Combined-Training, Hilary has trained horses and ponies for riding and driving, and has instructed numerous students in the sport.  In 2005, Hilary joined the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and became proficient in medieval mounted martial games including jousting. It was here that she was introduced to traditional archery. In 2007, she began participating in horseback archery, having discovered the marriage of her two favorite pastimes: archery and horses! Hilary is the founder and CEO of the Florida Horse Archers, Inc. and either is or has been a member of numerous equestrian organizations, including: the United States Dressage Federation (USDF), American Horse Show Association (AHSA), United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), American Driving Association (ADS), South East Florida Dressage & Combined-Training, and the American Paint Horse Association (APHA).

Diana Olds – Board Vice President

Diana is the founder & CEO of Chelee Warriors Mounted Archery just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Kristin Erlitz – Board Secretary

Since starting her mounted archery journey in 2016, Kristin has been an active member of Horse Archery USA.  Although still fairly new to the sport, Kristin is no stranger to equestrian sports or serving on a board for worthy organizations.  She comes from a long line of equestrians and has had the pleasure of training and performing across multiple disciplines, but her true passion lies is understanding how horses think and move as well as how our actions affect their responses.  Kristin studies natural horsemanship as well as rider bio-mechanics at her family’s farm in Virginia, while also serving as the bookkeeper and business manager of the family’s boarding and training program.  Kristin has previously served as president of Prince William Horse Show Association in 2005, organizer of the Saddle Up for St. Jude’s annual fundraiser, actor and volunteer for the Virginia Renaissance Faire, consultant for the board of directors for Phoenix Event Alliance, and founder of Roving Knights Mounted Archery.

Jamie Landis – Board Treasurer

Jamie lives in Pennsylvania with her family (her daughter Jada also participates in horseback archery!) and runs a successful dog boarding kennel. Aside from taking on the office of HAUSA Treasurer, Jamie currently serves as the Treasurer for Buxmont Riding Club in PA, serves on the Buxmont Horse Show Committee, is a member of Chelee Warriors, and is a leader for their local 4-H Horse Club, Bits and Pieces.

Amy Sakovich – Board Member

Amy lives in Tampa Bay, Florida with her husband, four dogs, four cats, four horses, and four goats (no, that wasn’t planned).  When not caring for farm and family, Amy works part time pet sitting or writes fiction.  Amy finally got an opportunity to fulfill her lifelong interest in horses as an adult and, with a background in fitness, was quickly drawn toward the study of equine balance and bio-mechanics.  From a basis of balance and rehabilitation, Amy looks for almost any opportunity to have fun with her horses, having dabbled in dressage, trail, working equitation, driving, liberty and in hand, sidesaddle, and now archery (quickly becoming her favorite form).A

Megan Hanselman – Board Member

Megan is a native Oregonian who was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She is a lifelong equestrian who started her mounted archery journey 3 years ago. While she does not yet compete, her passion for the sport fueled her to found the Sherwood Forest Mounted Archers in the fall of 2016.  Megan have served as the club President and is currently the Secretary/Treasurer. Professionally, Megan has four years of experience in nonprofit work.  She studied journalism at the University of Oregon, earning her Bachelor of Arts.  Recently, Megan was given the opportunity to put her degree to work by becoming the editor of Horse Archery USA’s newsletter, On Target.  taking over as the editor of the Horse Archery USA Newsletter.   As a firm believer in communication, Megan feels that it is the responsibility of every organization, especially nonprofits, to encourage and facilitate the free exchange of information.

Brooke Domino – Board Member

Although still new in the sport of mounted archery, Brooke is an accomplished horsewoman in a variety of disciplines. Growing up showing in hunters and equitation, Brooke loves the jumper ring where she competed up to the 1.5m jumpers against Olympians and the best in the country. After her Grand Prix mare came down with lyme disease, Brooke went on to train and compete in cutting, roping, and bull riding; eventually settling down as a barrel racer. During her college years she trained thoroughbred racehorses and was lucky to work with some big time stake horses until she went on to become an equine vet tech and follow her college degree. Brooke has been an avid competitor in barre racing before learning mounted archery and is a 3x NBHA World Championship Qualifier. In the last few years as mounted archery has begun to grow, Brooke started to study and learn the martial art and hopes to help the sport grow. As head trainer and owner of Valkyrie Performance Horses & Training she hopes to soon bring mounted archery to the southern Maryland area and help the sport grow on the eastern coast of the US.