Level 1:
Club Practices

This includes any event held at a location previously submitted to the HAUSA Board as a regular practice location for your club. Please note that these types of events do not require approval, so long as HAUSA Rules & Regulations are posted, location has been previously submitted, and ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE CURRENT HAUSA MEMBERS.

Level 2:
Approved Event

An “Approved” HAUSA Event is defined as any event hosted by a HAUSA affiliated club, covered under HAUSA’s Insurance Policy, and added to the online calendar.  These events encourage clubs to have creative freedom, but as with ALL HAUSA events and activities, are required to follow all HAUSA Safety Standards, Rules & Regulations.

Level 3:
Recognized Event

A “Recognized” HAUSA Event is defined as an event hosted by a HAUSA affiliated club, covered under HAUSA’s Insurance Policy, featured on the website and social media pages, AND participants are eligible to accumulate points towards HAUSA’s Year End Awards.  Please be prepared to have a phone interview with Board Member to discuss higher standards and expectations for this type of event.

Submit an Event

Complete the form below to submit an event to the HAUSA Board for APPROVAL and to be added to the OFFICIAL CALENDAR on www.horsearchery.us/events!
  • Please read the following descriptions carefully, and choose the appropriate level for the type of event you are submitting.
  • Tell us the details!
  • Name & address of the location where event is being held.
  • This can be a webpage or simply a link to a Facebook Event.
  • HAUSA promotes a divisional competition format, please choose at least TWO separate divisions for your event.
  • Stall fees, camping fees, facility fee, etc.
  • Who should entrants make CHECKS payable to? Do you have a PAYPAL address?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.