What Equipment Do I Need to Get Started?

I have been getting a lot of questions about ‘What do I need to start?’  “Where do I get it all?’   What do you recommend?’  So I thought I would put together my two recommendation bundles based on what you are looking to do and how much you are wanting to spend.  (Note that there are multiple ‘options’ within these bundles.  These are suggestions for price planning.  Once you decide what you are wanting to get for equipment, we can sit down and run through the options in that bundle range!

Note:  Both of the options below may require equipment be shipped, so expect a 3-6 week delay once all the options are decided on and your order placed.  Please state if time is a factor so we can discuss what equipment I currently have in stock.











Bare Necessities Pack:  Get started for Under $200

  1. $100 Alibow Fiberglass Tatar, Turkish, or Tibetan style bow.
  2. $80  1 Dozen Carbon Fiber Arrows, (you choose Fletching colors)
  3.  $10  Handguard   (Left/Right, Black/Brown, Large/Medium/Small/Kid)








Ready for Anything Pack: Everything you need to compete, (Other than the horse and the practice!), for $550

  1. $300 Upgrade your bow to a true work of Art.  Alibow Turkish, Tatar, Kaiyuan, Han, & Emperor shown below.
  2. $180  TWO Dozen Carbon Arrows that mimic Bamboo (you choose Fletching colors)
  3. $80  Manchu or Korean Side Quiver.
  4. $10  Handguard


Other Recommended additions:

  • $15 per Dozen:  Koc Nocks.  The ultimate in Horse Archery nocks.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kbUMgEfyrY.  (Nomad Warriors are the exclusive USA distributor for these patented Turkish nocking system.)
  • $5 to $15:  Once you’ve chosen your bow.  Get a spare string or two.  Nothing is worse than being all ready to shoot, and finding out your string has unraveled or knotted.
  • $80-$90/Dozen:  Arrows.  Always worth having extra arrows. (400 or 500 spine deflection and Superknocks are the key to happiness!)
  • $30-$100:   Thumb rings.  IF you up your bow strength, those little brass thumbrings really start to pay off!
  • Home targets.  Lots of options.  Honestly, we haven’t managed to abuse our targets enough to determine which ones are best for the money.  But, if you have the money, you honestly can’t go wrong with Rinehart.
  • Arrow netting.  Save yourself a lot of hunting time with a good arrow net 10×10 backstop.  Again, pricey, but hey… It’s a Net… That stops ARROWS!

I’m always available for questions and any way I can be of help.

And if you are interested in buying any equipment from Alibow, talk to me to get discounts!